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Privacy Policy 


We respect our customers and we want to protect their privacy. We have therefore set up our website to handle your information in the most secure and respectful way possible. 

We have to collect some information from you so that you can navigate our website easily and quickly, and so that we can show you products and promotions that we think will interest you. We also have to use that information to charge your payment method and to ship your order(s) to you. That means that employees and contractors of TrendBar LLC will have access to your information – but only to fulfill orders and to communicate with you when we have to. 

We collect information to make your experience on our website more useful and productive. We absolutely do not and never will collect your information to sell to anyone else, and we fully respect your right to be deleted from emails and other promotions. We tell you below how to do that. 

We do use cookies – we really have to and if we didn’t you wouldn’t be able to select items, add them to your shopping cart, take part in our rewards program or be part of the TrendBar community. That’s just the way the Internet works. But the cookies we use are completely harmless and have no access whatsoever to your private data: you control what you tell us about yourself; we don’t go snooping. 

We do use some third-party service providers to make things work on our website, and they will have limited access to some of the data you provide about yourself. But we carefully vet those service providers and use only highly respected and reliable partners. 

We would never knowingly collect data about children. Our site is fully open only to those over the age of 18; children may use the site only under the supervision of a responsible adult and we ask that data about children you are supervising is not entered into our system 

We use data about site visits for statistical and marketing purpose – to make sure we tell everyone about TrendBar who might want to know about our products. We may ask third-party vendors to analyze that data, but the data is always anonymized – no personal information about individual customers is transmitted or shared. 

Our rewards program is administered by a third-party vendor who will have access to the data we collect from your registration, but may use that data only to ensure that your rewards program is properly administered. 

If you take part in our community activities, such our style gallery where you can upload images of your TrendBar-styled items, some of your personal data will, perforce, be available to others. We will display only the user-names you choose to supply to us, but please be aware that you may still be personally identifiable. We require that images of those under the age of 18 do not show faces and are uploaded with the informed consent of the adult responsible for them. 

You can easily: 1. correct or update your personal information; 2. stop us sending emails to you; 3. disable your account to prevent any future purchases through that account. You can make these requests at any time by emailing us: and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also use the unsubscribe feature on our emails to stop emails being sent to you. 


Data security has become a major concern – to us as much as to you. We want you to know that your data will be held and stored, as far as possible, only by leading corporations who employ the latest security techniques. TrendBar LLC has set up its systems so that its own servers hold as little customer data as possible. Data breaches are always possible, but we do now, and always will, make every effort to protect your data. 


We may from time-to-time make changes to these policies. If we do, the new policies will be available to view in this, our privacy section, although we will not usually inform customers of changes. We encourage you to visit this section to view our latest privacy policy. 


This privacy policy was last updated on 09/13/2016. 


Please contact us at: if you have questions or concerns. 



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