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Application and Care

We want you to have the maximum value and enjoyment from your TrendBar purchases. Here are some tips for proper usage:


Our clever stickers adhere to almost any material. On many items, they can be removed and used several times. All you have to do is to peel the protective cover, place it where you want, and press firmly on it to stick. On many items, they can be removed and used several times, but because of the wide range of materials, polishes and finishing products, we cannot guarantee that.

To get the best adhesion, it’s very important that you clean and de-grease the application-area before applying the stickers. There are lots of very good commercial products that will do that, including most non-polish leather and sneaker cleaners. Whatever product you choose, please be sure to test it first on a hidden part of the polished surface.

If you leave the stickers in place, there will be a difference between the clean surface under the sticker and the rest of your item, which will have faded with exposure to the elements. That difference may take time to disappear, but cleaning it with a renovator product will help.

Our stickers will adhere to many suede and Nubuck materials, and any marks will generally brush away. But as with polished surfaces, because of the huge variety of materials in use we cannot guarantee that will be the case with your items.

If our products don’t adhere properly, or if you are worried your items may be damaged, please return the stickers to us for a full refund including mailing charges.

You can cut our stickers to make them fit the look you want. We strongly advise you use a craft knife or rotary-blade cutter to do so. We sell our own brand of rotary cutter and we highly recommend it. We supply a handy measuring guide with your order to help you make sure you place the stickers precisely where you want.


Our shoe-tongues are over-sized so you can wear them high or low. If you want to wear them low, they are very easy to cut-to-size, and we supply a template that makes doing so perfectly, a snap. As with the stickers, we recommend you use a craft knife or rotary cutter to cut them.

Charms and Covers

Just lace them into your shoes, pin them to your jacket, hang them from your bag – and trend-away.


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