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We're sisters on a mission to change fashion forever. 

Lindsey Schwartz Kayla Schwartz

At TREND:BAR you can re-invent your wardrobe with our ever-evolving collection of interchangeable accessories created with one goal; to make sure you're Forever Trending. 


Fashion trends move so quickly that it's sometimes impossible to keep up, often leaving you to settle on fast fashion where you're forced into wearing something "unique" that a million other people own!   


Our solution? We're bringing the best bits to you!  


We've designed luxe fabric stickers, appliques, charms, patches and more to changup what you’ve already gotAt TREND:BAR you'll never have to compromise on quality or spend excessively to stay on trend! And, most importantly, you can customize your favorite items for a take on fashion that's completely unique to you. 

Stay Trendy, 

Lindsey & Kayla 





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